[fansauceXhobbysauce] of plusies and music.

okay I keep seeing people doing these music memes and so here it goes.

Day 01: Your Favorite Song

That is kinda hard , since it just "Your Favorite Song" I'll choose my favorite song right now.  I wish they still rapped :(

Also I've started taking requests fro plushies and I've got one more slot open presently....just saying...

[fansauce] Danny Phantom+AF blabber plus [hobbysauce]

Okay it is time for me to blather about random ass shit I obsess Danny Phantom and Eoin Colfer books....and post like way to many videos!

I really, really, wish Voltaire could have voiced Vlad, Gene Parmason I love you and all but can you do this?

There I thought not, that song is so effign perfect for Vlad, that and Almsot Human (which is more about Lucifer and probaly would work better fro the Lone Power in YW but whatevs)
Also I'm thinkijng of gettign a less otuaku-ish mood theme..i'm thinking either Light Yagami
, Tegan and Sara, or Christna Hendricks, I'm leaning to the the Light one..but that is still pretty Otaku ish, but not as bad as these lame preset ones....I mean they look nice and all but not as cool as a custom set..I'm acutally working , was worknig on making a set with the movie 9...yeah.
Also I made a holly Short plush over Thansgiving break, I'll put some pcis up soon, I'm owrking on making an Arty one too!  But first I need more fabric.  What I really need is more t shirts because that is what I use to make the dolls..i havetons more of nut brown Holly type fabric....but it is all to dark to make Artemis.  So back to Mapes I guess.....I think I'll tea dye it this time rather then using rit dye, but unless I can buy some of a bunch of colors and mix a light beige. 
I'm plannign to run a activity in school for making plushies, so I'll probaly need more of both. Until thne I'm thinking of Making on of Root, II don't have any grey felt for his hair though.....

gotta run now time for class bye dudes. 


Writer's Block: You're my best friend

Who was your best childhood friend, and where are they now?

Tee was the best frei nd I have had, the best freind I will ever have had. We haven't spoken in person in over three years, we've exchanged soem emials recently.  But i haven't heard from him in almost half a year.  He is graduating high school this year, meaning I'll probaly hear from him even less.  He is planning on goign to this enginering program in Europe....I miss him every day. We went to elemetary school together and weren't really all that close until the forth grade when we both were really into Neopets..that eventaully gave way to Artemis Fowl and Monty Python....He had long golden hair like a lion, he was planning to donate it to locks for love but his mom made him cut it off for his Bat Mizvat, when it was jsut a little too short to do so.   
Tee, if you are reaing this let me know that I love you, and that I alsways will love you
Yeah Im back to this account I used to benoa19 but I felt more like using this account....yeah....I have pretty prosepects for this journal, who knows maybe I'll even post soem of the sims stuff I've been working on?



Okay set a new format on my blog, I needed to find one that was reble but DID NOT use arial....I hate arial.  Don't get me wrong it is really easy to read.  I ust really dislike how it looks as a title, it looks so..plain...

So here is my writings, sans the Smith and Kirby drabble from last time....

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I used to be


But then the name started to bug me, it seemed to you know boring, and not as cool as I thought it would be.  So yah..

I'll repost what i feel is worth reposting which is (most of my writing) so I'll do that tomorrow morning.  I'm tired now...
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